We begin by listening to our community. Our community consists of local NGOs, Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and community members, universities, students, alumni, staff, donors, and socially responsible companies. We listen to what each is seeking to accomplish and what they have to give. We identify community priorities and from there build programs.

We work with a wide range of grassroot community development organizations addressing issues important to their community such as access to clean water, sustainable agriculture, income generation, education, gender equity, and health care. The FSD Jinja-Uganda staffs are members of the community and stay in touch with what’s happening.

The agenda is set by those local community development organizations. They put forward their ideas and initiatives to improve the quality of life in their community. FSD Jinja-Uganda then works with them to mobilize human resources, funds, skills, and knowledge to support those locally led initiatives.

FSD Jinja-Uganda works with universities, companies, civic groups and individuals interested in engaging in collaborative, on-the-ground development work alongside local grassroot leaders. FSD Jinja-Uganda provides training and orientation to those students and volunteers as well as facilitating on-going learning and reflection. In each participant placement, FSD Jinja-Uganda blends the interests and talents of these people with local knowledge and expertise to develop and implement sustainable development projects in the community.

To complement this flow of human resources and the accompanying knowledge exchange, FSD Jinja-Uganda offers two kinds of grant programs. First, a competitive grant fund administered by FSD Jinja-Uganda itself. Second, we provide seed funding to community development organizations in our program sites.

Through our model, we strive to provide opportunities for all those who care about building a more just and sustainable future to engage in this vital work. Find out how you can get involved here


 FSD Jinja-Uganda has supported more than 500 International and local interns, volunteers and Philanthropists to carryout structured development internships with Local Community Non Government Organizations (NGOs) and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in Uganda. We partner with more than 40 local organizations specialized in various development disciplines to support/provide our global development learners with relevant skills and experience in specific development sectors that match the learners’ education background, interest and talent.  We emphasize that global learners (interns, volunteers and philanthropists) work within the partner organizations’ program frameworks to sustain the local content and encourage learners to use their knowledge, talent, passion, interest and skills to give new sustainable dimensions to our local organizations endeavors.  All this is preceded by rigorous orientation and spaced with development training workshops on sustainable development ethics to both learners and the local community.

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