IDIWA’s Mission is to empower disabled adults and children to maximize their potential and improve their standard of living through human rights and policy advocacy, rehabilitative health care, education and sustainable livelihoods. IDIWA’s clients are disabled adults and children from very poor backgrounds and their respective families. Among their objectives are: To advocate for equal opportunities and rights of People with Disabilities (PWDs) and ensure they have access to services; To improve on the socio- economic status of PWDs through mobilization, functional skills development, sustainable livelihoods and financial services; To contribute to the prevention of disabilities and the rehabilitation, education and empowerment for PWDs and To strengthen the organizational capacity of IDIWA to respond to the needs of PWDs and stakeholders.

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FSD Jinja-Uganda provides opportunities for students and professionals to engage in structured community development work. The programs are designed to help build careers while having lasting impact on the people in the community which is served

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