ANPPCAN is an organization that works to build a society that upholds the rights of children; enable them to realize their potential and nurtures them into responsible citizens. The organization envisions a society where all children in Uganda are secure, respected and cared for. To achieve this, ANPPCAN works with other other Non Governmental Organizations with similar interests and government bodies to promote the welfare and rights of children in Uganda. The organization caries out advocacy and sensitization on the rights of the child as set out in the UN convention of the rights of the child, the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the child as well as the Children’s Act of 2016. The organization also provides a forum for exchange of research and information on the problems affecting children in Uganda.

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FSD Jinja-Uganda provides opportunities for students and professionals to engage in structured community development work. The programs are designed to help build careers while having lasting impact on the people in the community which is served

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