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A unique story of Fort Lewis College -FSD Jinja partnership

The Foundation for Sustainable Community Based Development (FSD-Jinja Uganda) is proud to announce the new strategic partnership with the Fort Lewis College (FLC), Colorado, USA. 

The Fort Lewis College is a Native American-serving Non-Tribal institution and lies within the Rocky Mountain Region of Colorado, USA. FLC’s students (around 3500) are from rural and reservation areas representing diverse population groups. The Public Health Department and Career Services of FLC prime moved the FLC- FSD-Jinja Uganda partnership, while FLC leadership enthusiastically supported to initiate this first-ever collaboration between a Ugandan organization and FLC, all of which seemingly began in some aspirational talks between Dr. Tapati Dutta and the FSD Executive Director, Margaret Nassozi! Amanyire

The partnership-building process was spearheaded by Dr. Tapati Dutta, Assistant Professor in the Public Health Department. She teaches intersecting areas of global health, health systems and policies, community health and implementation research, and also mentors students for their internships. She herself was an intern at the Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD), Uganda in 2016, researching with The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) in Masaka, Uganda. Ever since, her relationship with FSD has been ongoing, and FSD Executive Director, Margaret Nassozi has offered several guest lectures to Dutta’s Global Health classes. In 2020, Dutta was also awarded the ‘Recognition of Excellence’ by FSD-Jinja Uganda.

Given the COVID-19 imposed travel-related restrictions, these two innovative and passionate women - Tapati and Margaret - synergized their dialogues and conceptualized the ‘online internship program’.

In Spring 2021 the Public Health internship/ Senior Project (PH 460) was launched. It is an intensive, immersive, and participatory 10-week Internship, and on completion students get 3 course credits. Currently two FLC students are enrolled in this program. Both of them are virtually interning with FSD supported organizations in Jinja, Uganda. Raven Sutton, an Engineering student, is working with Kakira Outgrowers Rural Development Fund  (KORD) on a project that focuses on the provision of safe drinking water in Lubani Village, Butagaya sub-county, Jinja District while Roxanne Evans, a Public Health major, who aspires to become a nurse practitioner, is working with Masese Child Development Center (Masese CDC) towards enriching the lives of community members through education in food and nutrition, waste management and business/skills management.    

The Board of Directors, the staff, and the community we serve are very grateful to the FLC-FSD-Jinja Uganda partnership. It is a great milestone in strengthening the FSD-Jinja Uganda vision “a world where global educational service exchange engagements promote the achievement of sustainable community-driven development outcomes”.





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