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Investing for Positive Change



Contributing to FSD is an investment that brings positive change to communities from the moment you give—and delivers an impact that is unmatched by typical development organizations. Thanks to our unique blend of asset-based community development and social business approaches, each $1 donated to FSD creates at least $10 of impact.


Program fees paid by interns and volunteers cover the cost of the majority of our on-the-ground infrastructure in the countries where we work. Typical NGOs, on the other hand, rely almost entirely on donor contributions to pay for their staffing, administrative, and program costs.

This on-the-ground presence is critical for supporting community change. When our staff is not supporting interns to successfully integrate into their host communities and work effectively on social change projects, they are encouraging, supporting, and training our local partners as well as staying abreast of local developments, helping to develop proposals and building networks for social change. Since earned revenue covers 75-80% of our total operating costs worldwide, donors get $4 to $5 worth of impact for every dollar they donate. Moreover, because we work with organizations that leverage local resources as a means of building sustainable programming, donors’ contributions are actually multiplied and deliver even greater impact to the communities we serve.

In fact, the projects that FSD supports have a minimum in-kind contribution rate at least 30% (and many elicit cost-free contributions that are higher still). Thus, with a 50% average donated community support, this redoubles the amount of work and benefit we can deliver in partnership with the community. In short, the FSD model turns $1 into $10 of impact. Thanks to the asset-based community development model with its emphasis on leveraging community resources the majority of the projects supported by FSD require less than $2 of donations per immediate direct beneficiary. What’s more, most of the initiatives that we support are self-sustaining long after the initial investment—which means that they continue to create impact year after year.

To bring lasting change to communities that starts today, please visit us here.


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