The FSD virtual internship program fee is $1200 for 10 weeks. Each extra added week costs $100.

The program fee covers the following items:


  • Orientation


  • Host Organization seed fund - Contribution towards the implementation of internship project with the community


  • Technology Fund - the necessary technology & software to help us facilitate the internship virtually


  • Funds to Prepare for the program - Program support prior to internship start date.


  • Transportation for in-country staff - visits to the Host Organization; the community and networks; facilitating meetings and training outside of FSD office.


  • Communication for in-country staff - airtime for coordination with Host Supervisor & community members; internet for Zoom meetings; wireless connectivity in the field; online communication to student


  • In-country support from FSD staff - Program administration. Training in sustainable development; online workshops; on the ground direct support for student’s project or /research implementation. Guest speakers
  • In-country support from your FSD Uganda team 24/7

Number of weeks and corresponding fees:


No Weeks Fees
4 weeks $600
5 weeks $700
6 weeks $800
7 weeks $900
8 weeks $1000
9 weeks $1100
10 weeks $1200
Weekly Price after 10 weeks is $100


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