Using our 10+ years of experience leading individual and group programs, we lead a program that will match your vision and outcomes for your personal growth in community development and cross cultural immersion

Gap year

FSD Gap Year program is an intense, immersive program for pre-college students (17+) looking to gain international development training and experience. It’s an exciting way to explore and learn before starting college.

Our Gap Year program was specifically designed for high school graduates and allows you to gain hands-on experience prior to beginning your studies at a university level.

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Professional volunteering

Professional volunteering program is a unique opportunity for professionals to apply their skills to address pressing global and local issues around the world.

This is a hands-on, intense, immersive program that allows professionals to work alongside local grassroots leaders, using their skills and expertise to contribute to priority community projects while also gaining a new perspective and experiencing a new culture

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Individual internship

Individual Internships are an opportunity for students and young professionals to gain hands-on experience in sustainable development and insight into other cultures that can only be obtained through participating in the work on the ground.

The intern opportunities are thoughtfully designed to help one build a career while having a lasting impact on the people in the community in which one serves.

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