Energy saving institutional improved cook stoves - introduce improved energy saving cook stoves in selected schools in Jinja District

Project Summery:

Most of the forest cover in the KORD operational area has been cleared to give way for sugarcane growing and fuel wood for cooking. This has contributed to drastic negative changes in climate. In Busoga Region, most institutions like schools and health facilities are using the local and wasteful traditional three stone cooking method that is hazardous to the environment and cooks. According to a KORD survey in 2009, institutions that adopted the energy saving institutional improved cook stoves and bio gas have realized a reduction in fuel costs by 35%-38% and the reduction in costs increases as they install more energy saving stoves. KORD has distributed over 500 household improved rocket stoves to vulnerable households to help cut their spending on fuel wood and for children to spend more time at school than searching for fuel wood.

Project Description:

The project is meant to introduce 10 model improved energy saving cook stoves in 10 selected schools in Jinja District after students carrying out a more in depth energy requirements for each school. A proven local consultant will be hired who will take lead in the purchase of materials required in the construction / installation of energy cook stoves, the students will be involved in the actual construction of the stoves under the supervision of the hired consultant. KORD will provide trees to plant at each site after the installation of the institutional cook stoves.

Community Impact.

It’s expected that the project will reduce on the fuel wood consumption for each institution and savings can be used to acquire more energy saving stoves and will enhance the quality of food as will no longer be contaminated by smoke. The project will reduce on smoke emissions to the environment and heat emissions that are a health hazard to the cooks. Pupils or students will have meals in time as the energy saving stoves prepares meals faster than the wasteful traditional three stone cook stoves.

Intern/Volunteer Requirements: 

A student with any education background with a passion in community development can take on any of the projects above as will be supported by a hired consultant and KORD staff.

Description of Community Partner:

Kakira Outgrowers Rural Development Fund (KORD) is an innovative partnership between Kakira Sugar Limited (KSL) and Busoga Sugarcane Growers Association (BSGA). KSL and BSGA are pioneering KORD as a new model of Corporate Social Responsibility focused on building a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship with the community served by KORD. The KORD model of partnership promotes community development and accountability through the involvement of both KSL and sugarcane farmers in annual financial contributions to the KORD fund.

The Vision of KORD is to realize Kakira sugarcane farming community’s wellbeing that betters the national average, and the Mission is to improve the quality of life of the community within a 50km radius of KSL by improving household income and managing funding for projects that facilitate access to social-economic services.

The KORD objectives/activities include but not limited to;

  • Health initiatives (sensitizations on HIV/AIDS and malaria prevention, reproductive health, partnerships to enable vulnerable households access free HIV treatment and rehabilitation/construction of health facilities according to need),

  • Education services (facilitating 200 vulnerable children access formal education annually, skills for life/apprenticeship program, construction / rehabilitation of classroom blocks and schools science laboratories)

  • Delivering environmental, water and sanitation community livelihood projects tailored to meet community needs,

  • Facilitate access to credit for sugarcane farmers and vulnerable households,

  • Rehabilitation of community feeder roads to access markets and other services, and

  • Care and support for orphans and vulnerable children - OVC (food and nutrition interventions, child protection and legal support, economic strengthening of OVC households, psychosocial support and basic care services.