Rehabilitation of Kamigo Health Center (II)

Project Summery:

Kamigo Health Centre (II) is the only health facility in Kamigo village, which has an estimated population of 9800 inhabitants. The Health Centre is run by 5 health workers headed by a single doctor treating on average 50-70 patients a day. All services, that is, clinical services, family planning, antenatal and postnatal care, delivery, immunization, HIV/AIDS services and health education, are conducted in one building characterized by cracked floors, old dusty walls, cracked verandah and shuttered windows. It’s difficult to operate at night as the health facility is not connected on the national grid (hydro power) and without an alternative health facility friendly lighting system. The condition of this facility hinders access to the facility all day and all night.

Project Description:

KORD is seeking for Intern/Volunteer(s) who can assist in; repairing the windows, re-working on the health facility floor and verandah, providing a pocket friendly solar system for lighting the health facility at night, rough casting the outer walls of the health facility, painting and re-setting the ceiling of the building. Each project activity can be taken up by a different student. The participant will oversee the project throughout the stages depending on the length of time the participant has. The student will help the community with local resource mobilization skills from which local materials, funds, and local skills like the constructors can be identified and used on the project.

Community Impact:

Project is expected to improve on quality, efficiency and access to primary health care services by improving on the infrastructure and operationalizing the health facility 24 hours everyday.

Student/ Volunteer(s) profile:

A student with any education and civil engineering background with a passion in community development and sustainability can take on any of the project activities above as will be supported by the District officers and KORD Engineers. Skills in resource mobilization and basic English will also be necessary.

Description of Community Partner:

Kakira Outgrowers Rural Development Fund (KORD) is an innovative partnership between Kakira Sugar Limited (KSL) and Busoga Sugarcane Growers Association (BSGA). KSL and BSGA are pioneering KORD as a new model of Corporate Social Responsibility focused on building a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship with the community served by KORD. The KORD model of partnership promotes community development and accountability through the involvement of both KSL and sugarcane farmers in annual financial contributions to the KORD fund.

The Vision of KORD is to realize Kakira sugarcane farming community’s wellbeing that betters the national average, and the Mission is to improve the quality of life of the community within a 50km radius of KSL by improving household income and managing funding for projects that facilitate access to social-economic services.

The KORD objectives/activities include but not limited to;

  • Health initiatives (sensitizations on HIV/AIDS and malaria prevention, reproductive health, partnerships to enable vulnerable households access free HIV treatment and rehabilitation/construction of health facilities according to need),

  • Education services (facilitating 200 vulnerable children access formal education annually, skills for life/apprenticeship program, construction / rehabilitation of classroom blocks and schools science laboratories)

  • Delivering environmental, water and sanitation community livelihood projects tailored to meet community needs,

  • Facilitate access to credit for sugarcane farmers and vulnerable households,

  • Rehabilitation of community feeder roads to access markets and other services, and

  • Care and support for orphans and vulnerable children - OVC (food and nutrition interventions, child protection and legal support, economic strengthening of OVC households, psychosocial support and basic care services)