Human Rights Development

The Human Rights Sector provides opportunities to work on Human Rights Advocacy, Monitoring and Empowerment of the vulnerable persons/ Communities to demand and exercise their rights and obligations.

Uganda is highly patriarchal with customs and traditions that often violate human rights. The political and economic environments further compromise the rights in Uganda. Some of the human rights issues in Uganda are: Respect for the integrity of the person, Respect for civil liberties, Corruption and lack of transparency in government, Discrimination, Societal abuses, and Trafficking in persons, Child labor, HIV and AIDS Social Stigma, Indigenous minorities, persons with disabilities, early and forced marriage, Gender-Based violence, the list is long.  The sector provides the participants with the opportunity to work with human rights professionals and specialists in communities and with people who need rights empowerment support with affordable based interventions


Reason to participate in Human Rights projects

By participating in human rights projects, you will be promoting the local communities' ability to advocate for human rights. You will be supporting the most marginalized communities who are highly affected by poverty, creating awareness, increasing knowledge and cultivating a community for learning in specified areas. You  will gain hands-on experience of working with local Ugandan communities who are already fighting for these same rights and learning what it takes to create grassroots sustainable change.

Volunteer & Internship opportunities in Human Rights

Interning or volunteering in the human rights sector, allows you to witness divisions between differing peoples and offer solutions that bring greater equality to severe and complex social hierarchy

Community based projects in Human Rights

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Sexual and Reproductive Health for Persons with Disabilities

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities guarantees them the right to access the same range, quality and standard of free or affordable health care. However, available evidence shows that Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) still face numerous challenges in accessing and utilizing essential Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) services.
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Your experience of community transformation starts here. whether you are interested in reproductive rights, disability rights, climate rights, women rights, or child rights, etc we have professionals and  partner community organizations that are seeking to benefit from your knowledge, skills and experience in the human rights development field. To apply click the link below


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