Empowering mothers in financial literacy, food & nutrition, Improved sanitation


In order to ensure a child grows into a responsible citizen of the world, a mother plays strong role of building the child’s foundation. This involves working along with a community network that seeks to see a generation of young people with capacity of making decisions that influence growth of their community.

Masese Child Development Center (Masese CDC) is one of the community network organizations that seeks to support mothers to ensure their children under the age of three years have a holistic child development through the safe motherhood program.


Roxanne a student from Fort Lewis College Collorado worked with Masese Child Development Center (Masese CDC) on a project centered on empowerment through education. The project was entitled “Community Empowerment in safe Motherhood and Development” or CESMAD. The goal of the project was to provide 7 mothers with necessary, life changing skills courses that, upon completion of the courses the 7 mothers would then relay the information and skills they learned to the broader community. The courses included: promotion of proper Sanitation and Hygiene practices, financial literacy skills and ensuring proper child’s food and nutrition.


After completion, mothers led classes for the broader community. They were able to effectively communicate what they had learned and keep the community engaged and interested and were also able to answer questions posed by the community members. Hopefully, through this project, the women involved would use the skills learned throughout the training sessions to start small businesses and improve their lives. The community was very engaged when they were taught by the mothers who participated in the training sessions. Many members spoke and gave plans about how they would start their own small business or use the information they gained to improve any businesses that they had already started. And expressed that they had already seen benefits from the sanitation training that was conducted.





As means of sustaining the project, mothers plan to continue teaching members of the community and holding information sessions and skills lessons. Small amounts of the capital generated from small business started by the program participants will be used to cover the costs of additional trainings in the future based on whatever subjects the mothers wish to learn about and feel will best benefit their community. Masese CDC expressed interest in continuing the program after it has been passed on.


They plan to do this by hosting additional training sessions and even rotating different groups of mothers to attend the training session so that more people in the broader community can be reached. Masese has also expressed a desire to continue funding the instructors that provide the classes for the initial trainings, but also using some of the capital from the goods (liquid soap and porridge) produced through the program to sustain it.





Project Participant: Roxanne Evans - Fort Lewis College

Partner Organization: Masese Child Development Center (Masese CDC)

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