Water source spring construction project

Rhianna is a student from Worcester polytechnic institute who carried out her virtual internship with fsd Jinja. She was attached to Kakira Organization Rural Development (KORD) as her host organization. KORD supports sugarcane community groups in eastern Uganda with community development projects aimed at improving their livelihoods.

Rhianna is passionate to health and environment. She was interested in an opportunity to help change the lives of others while protecting the environment. On application, Rhianna was was placed to work with Lukolo East Community, one of the main community beneficiaries of KORD support program.

During her community assessment with the community, the community expressed their need for access to clean water and improving on the community sanitation and hygiene practices to reduce the spread of water borne diseases. The swamp the community was initially benefiting from was shared with animals thus communities ending up using unsafe water for domestic consumption.

As means to improve access safe and clean water, the community together with Rhianna agreed to construct a water spring. With the advantage of different sources of underground water flow, the community were able to mobilize all the required resources to construct the spring.

Rhianna was so much impressed with the cooperation among the community members during the implementation of the project. All the community got involved in various water construction activities which made her project successful. She later facilitated a one day awareness campaign on how community households can practice better sanitation and hygiene. This was coupled with the construction of tippy taps on every homestead. The campaign was concluded with a fruit tree planting activity to help conserve the environment of the area.

After concluding implementation of project activities, a local leadership structure was developed to help govern and protect the community usage of the water spring. It was also given responsibility to continue sensitizing people in the community about sanitation and hygiene, and study the behavioral changes of the community after this intervention.

With Rhianna’s intervention with this project idea, the community in Lukolo East Village has been able to realize that hygiene and sanitation can lead to development of the community. Before the end of the project, different households promised to continue practicing proper sanitation and hygiene with the knowledge they gained from the sensitization campaign.



Project Intern: Rhianna Shanabrook - Worcester polytechnic institute

Partner Organization: Kakira Outgrowers Rural Development Fund (KORD)

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