We work directly with your group to design and match an immersive community -development program to fit into your institution's academic goals. Overtime we build a partnership with your institution  to facilitate long-term student learning that goes hand-in-hand with community growth in Uganda.

Group engage

Group Engage is a program that allows students and young professionals to work in direct collaboration with the community on pre-defined, community-driven projects. These groups get intensive training in sustainable development and project design. Project interests are defined by the group and matched to community needs, fostering a chance to produce long-lasting community impact.

There are two types of group placements.
A group of participants are placed  in the same host community to carry out a unified project.

The second type is one where participants are form the same source (e.g same university,) and are placed in different local communities

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Global Service Learning Trip

Global Service Learning trip is a short term (ranging from 1-4 weeks) teaching and learning program that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility and strengthen communities. It combines service objectives and learning objectives with the intent that the activity changes both the recipient and the provider of the service.  This is accomplished by providing service tasks with structured opportunities that link the tasks to self reflection, self discovery and the acquisition and comprehension of values, skills and knowledge content

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Group study tour

The group study tour program opportunity is a deep dive into what it means to empower underserved communities with sustainable solutions through tour and travel.

This is an 18day+ tour where students are provided tools in grassroots development strategies in the context of Uganda

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