Study Tour

The Study Tour Program

The study tour program opportunity consists of a deep dive into what it means to empower under-served communities with sustainable solutions through tour and travel. This is an 18days+ tour where students are provided tools in grassroots development strategies in the context of Uganda. With the lowest median age of any country (15 yrs) and the largest refugee population in Africa, Uganda is a unique environment to study the people-led, bottom-up approach to international development.

The course consists of lectures covering a wide variety of topics including governance and challenges with development, tourism, agriculture, and the future of development in Uganda. Our approach to development focuses on mobilizing resources—human, economic, and natural—for sustainable, life-changing initiatives.

Students study the asset-based community development approach that encourages self-reliance and inspires appreciation of existing resources in the community and the confidence to build upon them. We believe that with an attitude of resourcefulness, positive change is possible even in low-resource settings. Study Lectures are supplemented with direct in-country experiences to see first-hand the concepts studied in the classroom. Some supplemental educational activities include a panel with local development practitioners, visits to community-based organizations, and working directly with community members who have led development projects themselves.

Students are able to see how Central and Local Governments, Local NGOs, and International Aid have all impacted Uganda since independence and the implications of foreign investment. Additionally, students have the opportunity to have a homestay in a Ugandan household for three nights to see the daily life of communities here: experience local food and cooking, evening hours on a local TV station, and regular family activities.

Uganda is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, hosting waterfalls, Lake Victoria, and the source of the Nile River, making it an incredible habitat for a plethora of wildlife including the largest number of species of birds in Africa. Students also have the opportunity to explore Kampala, Murchison National Park, and Sipi Falls during their study tour and to see all the exciting parts of Uganda.